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Why does your patient need a 2nd Opinion?

Second opinions have been the medical standard for years. This requires patients to find specialists or experts. Now this may require travel and potentially adds a new doctor to their care regimen. 2nd Opinion keeps your patient's care in your hands while confirming the diagnostic and treatment plan by a world renowned doctor and institution. 2nd Opinion is here to provide additional resources for patients and physicians.

Many of our consultations provide you with alternate diagnoses, treatments, or therapies, allowing you to better serve your patients. Your patients receive peace of mind; you receive confidence that you have chosen the best method of treatment.

Once your patient requests your involvement, we ensure you have all the information about their case. The resulting Second Opinion shall enable the patient to make an informed medical choice in consultation with the treating physician.

What is your process?

All cases begin when a patient registers and asks for a consultation. The patient sends all the materials and questions to us for review, and we begin working on their case. We match the diagnosis with the expert physician. Expert Physician is given access to our HIPPA complaint web platform where he/she can review the documents and form his opinion and also answers patient questions. Physician dictates his/her opinion to our transcription line. After confirmation from expert physician, consult gets faxed to patient's primary care physician.

At 2nd Opinion, we look forward to a productive and mutually beneficial collaboration with each physician we have the opportunity to work with.

Common Scenarios when 2nd Opinion is useful:

  • Is the current or recommended therapy or treatment plans appropriate for my patient?
  • Is the current management outcome based?
  • How to avoid unnecessary medical costs and treatments while getting best results?
  • Is the diagnosis process and evaluation correct?
  • What are other alternative therapy and treatment options?
  • Medication management recommendations?
  • Possible non-surgical interventions and outcomes?
  • What are pain management strategies?
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