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How are we different

We are not a single hospital-based initiative. At 2nd Opinion, we contract with only top physicians from all over the country who are well-known in their fields.

We do not simply match your diagnosis to a specialist, but instead we base our specialist recommendation on your diagnosis and your unique needs. We match you with the best specialist who has extensive experience in your diagnosis, and who is likely an exceptional authority in that diagnosis. Many, if not most, of our contracted specialists have written books, published professional papers, and have performed significant research in that particular disease.

For more than three years, we have diligently built a comprehensive database of over 1600 diagnoses, matched to some of the most famous worldwide physicians, who are considered international authorities within their medical fields.

All of our physicians are board certified and have a minimum 8 years of experience in their speciality. Our eminent physicians are the people who make guidelines and advise other doctors around the world on how illnesses should be treated.

Our service does not stop with getting you an opinion; we follow-up with you and make sure you are satisfied. If a patient needs to be seen in person, we make sure that happens.

It is not just a cancer specialist who will review your case and will give you 2nd Opinion on the recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Rather we match you with a breast cancer specialist who further works in the specific gene that may be considered the cause of your diagnosis

At 2nd Opinion, it will not be just any Cardiologist, Oncologist or Neurologist, but a Cardiac Valve specialist for Aortic valve disease, breast cancer specialist for breast cancer, or a Multiple sclerosis specialist for a MS diagnosis.