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  Isn't asking for a 2nd Opinion insulting to the treating physician?

No. Most physicians prefer that you seek a 2nd Opinion when faced with a serious medical condition. This allows them to proceed with your treatment with the knowledge that you are confident in your decision. If you choose to share information from 2nd Opinion with your provider, he or she may also have access to information regarding innovative treatments not available in their local area.

  Will 2nd Opinion work with my treating physician?

All findings and report gets conveyed to you and your physician (with your consent). You are provided with a full report that may be downloaded and shared with your personal doctor if desired.

  What services does 2nd Opinion provide?

Comprehensive case reviews Your case is assigned to a expert dedicated to your area of need. All records relating to your diagnosis and plan of treatment are reviewed and you are presented with a comprehensive report that either corroborates the advice that was previously given or that recommends a change. Assigned expert also answers your and your physician questions.

Assistance in finding a doctor We have a huge database of providers and facilities and are able to refer you to the appropriate physician near you who is an expert in your condition and accepts your insurance.

  Do I have to bring my records to you?

No. After contacting 2nd Opinion our staff will take care of obtaining all of your medical records. All of your contact is done via phone or internet and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

  What types of medical conditions qualify for 2nd Opinion?

2nd Opinion is virtually all-encompassing. We are accessible to meet your needs for a wide variety of medical conditions. This includes mostly all chronic illnesses as well as rare genetic disorders. However, we do not offer assistance for mental health conditions. For this type of support the patient needs to be evaluated in-person. Please see all the specialities covered here.

  Are 2nd Opinion services covered by my insurance?

We currently do not accept insurance as a form of payment. For many patients the value received with 2nd Opinion far exceeds the cost of the service.