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About Us

2nd Opinion's panel of experts is widely recognized as among the best in their fields. We carefully screen them based on criteria such as their institution affiliation, their training, their published research, and their overall reputation among their peers. Our physicians are neither paid to be listed nor do they pay us to be included. These are eminent physicians in their field and are considered as Doctor's doctor in USA. Most of them are award winning physicians considered as authority in their respective fields.

Its not just specialty or subspecialty match of your problem, at 2nd Opinion we look at the primary diagnosis and match that with the top physicians in the country. We maintain a proprietary database of over 35000 top accomplished US physicians for over 1650 diagnoses including the rare ones.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to build a service that sets its own benchmarks in providing quality of service while bringing you the best possible expert opinion for Medical problems that you or loved ones may be facing at any point of time.

Our goal is to be the trusted name you turn to in difficult circumstances. Together, we will work to ensure you receive the highest quality of care when you need it - even at the most crucial time of your life!

Our Vision: Best Care, Everywhere.

Bridging the gap by bringing world's leading physicians and cutting edge advanced science to the patients who simply get caught into tough times due to medical conditions and do not know what to decide and how to decide or to those who do not have access to quality medical specialists due to their location, costs or inability to travel.

Our panel of physicians consists of the top 1% of the world physicians. These are academic physicians who see patients with similar diagnosis every day. As such, they know more about these medical conditions than anyone in the world.

These are the physicians your doctor would like to go to, if he or she had a similar illness. These physicians will work with you and your doctor remotely to provide their opinions on your diagnosis and treatment plan.